The Cooperation  Protocol in field of Occupational Health and Safety was signed between Turkey Confederation of Employers’ Unions and TiSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation on November…

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"We will not leave our employees alone with their fate.”



History of Foundation:

Dr. Ayan Gülgönen  has established first specific branch center providing services with 2 hours a day basis with first core surgical team formed with Dr. Oya Bayri and Dr. Türker Özkan in Istanbul Pasteur French Hospital in 1979 following initial Reconstructive Microsurgery operations which have started in Turkey in 1978.

This center did not only serve as a Center where Microsurgical operations are carried intensively but also continued to serve as a “school” for specialist training in the sub-branch of Microsurgery/Hand Surgery for many specialists from various branches of surgery for years.

Many surgeries deemed impossible before start of microsurgical applications  started to be performed in this center as routine practices simultaneously with the similar applications in the world and the concrete, sensational and popular features of such cases caused  great interest in public.  

Late Turgut Işık, a sensitive businessman following such developments in microsurgery and its reflections into practice closely since he was neighbor of Dr. Ayan Gülgönen, saying that “There are more than 5000 cases resulting from occupational accidents and traffic accidents and all of them remain disabled; these people should not be left disabled and they should be gained back to economy; such occupational accidents are occurring in our factories “ owned the subject matter by paying importance at first.

Late Turgut Işık has initially shared the matter with  Halit Narin, President of Turkish Confederation of Employers’ Union of the time; then, he initiated the studies of establishment of TİSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation with  Halit Narin by registering leading employer unions as founder members of the Foundation.

TİSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation was established in 12 July 1985 by Confederation of Employers’ Unions, along with leading Employer Unions which are members of Confederation of Employers’ Unions and leading companies of Turkish business world by appointing Late Nejat Eczacıbaşı as President of Board of Trustees, Dr. Ayan Gülgönen as first President of  Board of Directors and late Turgut Işık as first President of the executive Board.

“Life is not struggle, Struggle is Life”

was Turgut IŞIK’s motto.

Our History

1932 / 1990

We feel deeply sad upon loss of Hayri KOZAKÇIOĞLU, Former Istanbul Governor and former President of Board of Trustees of our Foundation. We give our condolences to his grieving family and friends.

Turkish Confederation of Employers’ Unions Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation

TİSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation

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