The Cooperation  Protocol in field of Occupational Health and Safety was signed between Turkey Confederation of Employers’ Unions and TiSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation on November…

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"We will not leave our employees alone with their fate.”




Our Purpose

Foundation provides necessary treatment for patients in need of surgery and care in the field of microsurgery and reconstructive surgery. Free of charge treatment will be provided proportionally to the patients who lacks financial possibilities to meet the costs of such treatments. The method of support to be provided to such patients…

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Foundation Hospital

Foundation Committee, with the leadership of late Turgut Işık and  Halit Narin, has explained to the Turkish President of the time, late Turgut Özal that it is possible to bring the vitality and functionality of the organs and limbs of persons which were ruptured due to occupational and traffic accidents by means of operating with microsurgical methods and such persons can continue to live healthy and productive…

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Main Page

Dr. Ayan Gülgönen has established first specific branch center providing services with 2 hours a day basis with first core surgical team formed with Dr. Oya Bayri and Dr. Türker Özkan in Istanbul Pasteur French Hospital in 1979 following initial Reconstructive Microsurgery operations which  have started in Turkey in 1978.

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Our Foundation was established with the purpose of contributing to all scientific research, training and practicing studies to be carried in Turkey in the field of Reconstructive Microsurgery in order to ensure best medical care for our patients in need of urgent Microsurgical treatments.

TİSK Microsurgery Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization created with  great effort by the Turkish Confederation of Employer Unions,top Turkish Employer Unions,Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Istanbul Chamber of Industry,Governorship of Istanbul as well as reputable Turkish Industrialists to help our workers .

We as employers and employers’ representatives under the umbrella of TISK  also want to minimise the number of occupational accidents  in our country. Therefore, we, as employers, want to take all measures to prevent such accidents.  

However, it is necessary not to be contended with the measures taken in workplaces. We are considering potential accidents trying to foresee one step further.

We are trying to do our best to enable our employees to benefit from all possibilities offered by modern medicine and microsurgery in case of occupational accidents resulting with rupture of limbs in spite of all measures. In cases resulted with loss of limbs, we are targeting to provide necessary rehabilitation services for our employees and to regain them in work life. We are never forgetting that our country needs the hands, arms and labor of our employees for development.   

In the same manner, we are carrying projects and studies to increase the number of modern  burn injury treatment centers and their capabilities for our employees injured by being exposed to fire disaster.

We are carrying studies to provide subsistence support for our employees in need as a result of accidents, not to leave them and their families deprived, to make education assistance to the children of our employees who lost their lives and to be a family for them and to make them feel that we are always ready near them.   .

As a microsurgery unit is established in Istanbul Pasteur Hospital operating in 24 hours a day basis since 1981 in Turkey, many operations which were impossible in past started to be performed. Performed microsurgery operations reached soon to the level of developed centers of the world both qualitatively and quantitatively.

A short time after such development, TISK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation was established in 12 July 1985 by member unions of Turkish Employers’ Unions Confederation and leading companies of business life. The purposes of foundation is determined as enabling surgeons to receive training in this field based on most advanced technologies of medicine, to  support and develop scientific researches and to establish new centers.

In the 30th year of establishment of our foundation, we are sustaining our studies with the same ambition, effort and dynamism of the first day.

In our country where occupational accidents are still a significant problem, we are observing that there are important issues for patients in accessing health care services, in the economization of services, in human and economic losses due to injuries as well as in gathering data. In fact we are not happy about the point where our country stands in terms of elimination of occupational accidents and supporting victims of occupational incidents. Experienced severe events are always fresh in our minds. In order not to be a mere spectator of such events, we are following all measures taken and being taken in the world closely.  

In this context, we will try to create awareness at top level by organizing training and informative meetings on the subject matter for our employees as well as for our employers in order to develop protective measures being taken in our workplaces.

Increasing our support in order to increase the number of doctors, nurses and health care staff specialized in the field of reconstructive microsurgery is one of our priorities. In addition, we are decisive in providing support generally in Turkey for our hospitals providing services with the focus of reparation and treatment of limb ruptures and occupational accidents.  

We, as Foundation, are paying great importance for contributing elimination of insufficiencies on this subject matter; we are targeting to contribute for the mitigation of existing health issues.

We are thanking in advance to all employees, employers and non-governmental organizations who are willing to support us, to give suggestions to us in line with these targets.

With sincere regards,

Necmettin ÖZTEMİR


In behalf of Executive Board of TİSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation…

TİSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation

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