The Cooperation  Protocol in field of Occupational Health and Safety was signed between Turkey Confederation of Employers’ Unions and TiSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation on November…

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"We will not leave our employees alone with their fate.”



Our Foundation Hospital

FFoundation Committee, with the leadership of Deceased  Turgut Işık and  Halit Narin, has explained to the President of the time, Deceased Turgut Özal that it is possible to bring the vitality and functionality  of the organs and limbs of persons which were ruptured due to occupational and traffic accidents by means of operating with microsurgical methods and such persons can continue to live healthy and productive lives; however, in order to perform such surgical interventions  a special Microsurgery Hospital is needed; Deceased President was impressed a lot with the project and he ensured donation of the land on which nowadays “Acıbadem Maslak Hospital” is located to the Foundation on the condition to build a Microsurgery Hospital on it.

Following allocation of such land to the Foundation, the construction of the hospital on it  starts. While construction of hospital is going on, Turgut Işık passes away in 1990; after his death, Bahri Ersöz, President of MESS becomes the president of TİSK Microsurgery Foundation. In this period, construction of hospital slows down.

In the period of  İmren Aykut, in the position of Minister of Labor, the formulation “to build the hospital with government support” is taken into agenda in order to enhance Hospital construction project , however as Mr. İmren Aykut is replaced by Mr. Mehmet Moğultay, delays are experienced with Hospital Construction Project.

In this period, Mr. Rıza Kutlu Işık becomes the president of TİSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation and hospital construction is started again with the donations made by Textile and Metal Unions to the Foundation and foundation of Microsurgery Hospital with a total closed area of 7000 square meters is started in 23 November 1993  by Süleyman Demirel, the President of Republic of that time.    

The construction progresses to basic structure level however as the work cannot be completed with initial cost figures, construction is continued with the donations collected however, completion of hospital construction cannot be succeeded in spite of all efforts.

TİSK Microsurgey and Reconstruction Foundation establishes treatment units, hospitals, training and research institutions and corporations in the field of microsurgery and reconstructive surgery. In addition, the Foundations constructs, cause the necessary buildings and facilities constructed and operates such facilities, may have them operated by others or may lease in order to provide operational sources. Foundation provides necessary equipment and tools and allows the use of the same for training purposes.

Foundation story of TİSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation’s Hospital…

Maslak Hospital

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Our Foundation Hospital

“Gift of Turkish Employers to Turkish Employees…”

Thereupon, in the meeting of Board of Trustees, a resolution is made stating “Let’s use build, operate and transfer formulation in order to complete the work” and a tender is organized upon such resolution: contract is executed with Acıbadem Sağlık Hizmetleri ve Ticaret A.Ş. which placed the best offer.

This contract is executed as a rental agreement requiring Acıbadem Group to demolish existing small hospital building which was still being constructed at that date and to construct current “Acıbadem Maslak Hospital” and to operate for 19 years.

Our Maslak Hospital, title of which belongs to TİSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation established on  13.000 M2 of land with total  40.000 m² closed area is opened to service in 2 March 2009 by our Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

While period of rent is organized again as 19 years accepting 01 March 2012 date as starting time by deleting previously expired periods, expansion of our hospital with an additional building of 50.000m2 and revision of rental fee in parallel with such  is signed by the parties.     

It is committed in the content of the contract with Acıbadem Group that 50% discount will be applied over total invoice amount including used medical materials for the patients sent by TİSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation and submitting request document of the Foundation.


Mr. Süleyman DEMİREL, our 9th President of Republic

Mr.. Rıza Kutlu IŞIK, President of Executive Board

23 November 1993

TİSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation

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