The Cooperation  Protocol in field of Occupational Health and Safety was signed between Turkey Confederation of Employers’ Unions and TiSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation on November…

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"We will not leave our employees alone with their fate.”



Especially following purposes will be considered during operations of the Foundation:

The Foundation provides necessary treatment to patients in need of surgery and care in the field of microsurgery and reconstructive surgery. Free of charge treatment is provided to those who lack material possibilities to meet cost of such treatments proportionally. The method of aid to such patients, its amount, etc, is determined with a regulation to be issued by the Executive Board.

The Foundation can make publication in the field of microsurgery and reconstructive surgery.

The Foundation can organize national and international seminars, meetings, conferences in microsurgery and reconstructive surgery related subject or may attend to such activities.

The Foundation establishes treatment units, hospitals,  training and research institutions in the field of microsurgery and reconstructive surgery. It provides necessary equipments and tools; allows the use of such  for training purposes.

The Foundation allocates at least 10% of the capacity of educational facilities to be established for students needing financial aid and at least 10% of capacity of service and bed in health care facilities to patients who need financial support.

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Our purposes

The Foundations deems performance of all scientific researches, practices and training studies to be carried in Turkey in the field of microsurgery, which is one of the modern milestones of history of medicine, as its main purpose.

Our purposes

TİSK Microsurgery and Reconstruction Foundation

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